25 People Who Got Rich Via Youtube

There probably isn’t a person out there in the world who hasn’t heard about YouTube. Everyone knows about YouTube. You can find anything you want to watch – from how to prepare meals, how to dress your cat, how to prank, watch funny videos, and most importantly, you can waste time. YouTube has become an essential part of our lives.

However, there would be no content if people around the world were too scared to put themselves in front of a camera. Some people who started posting videos on YouTube would never think that they could become millionaires from posting their videos on YouTube. Those people now live the life of their dreams. They made it to become millionaires thanks to their creativity, a little luck, and of course, YouTube. Are you curious enough to see who made millions thanks to YouTube? Could you do it? If not, maybe this list of the 25 People Who Got Rich Via Youtube will inspire you!

#25 – Evan – $1.32 Million

Would you ever think that the ice-breaker of this list be a child? No, you would never! But here’s one of the cutest child YouTubers out there – EvanTubeHD.

To this day, EvanTubeHD has over 3.5 million subscribers and over 2.4 billion views. The face behind this channel is a young boy named Evan. Imagine that a child makes more money a year than most of us can only dream of. Well, Evan made it to millions at a very young age. But, how did he make it? What does EvanTubeHD post on YouTube? Well, he became famous for reviewing toys and various video games. Thanks for the idea Evan! Now we’ll also go buy some toys and post our reviews of them on YouTube and hopefully we’ll become millionaires.