25 People Who Got Rich Via Youtube

#24 – Bradley Colburn – $1.38 million

This awesome guy called Bradley Colburn is our #24. Brad’s nickname is “The Rad Brad” and thus he uses it as the name of his YouTube Channel – TheRadBrad.

TheRadBrad video channel is one of the most famous and appreciated YouTube channels that deals with video game reviews. The face behind this channel, Bradley Colburn, is famous for his detailed and humoristic walkthroughs of all of the videos games that are newly released. TheRadBrad explains in all of his video game reviews how to play the game and how to beat it. TheRadBrad’s trademarks also include profane and hilarious outbursts. For example, he even breaks a chair in front of the camera when he can’t pass a level in a certain game. To this day, TheRadBrad has gathered over 6 million subscribers and has over 2.4 billion views.