Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Brand is Going Out of Business

Ivanka Trump will shut down her eponymous fashion brand over the coming months. The struggling company will not renew their licensing contracts and will sell any remaining products before winding down operations.

Adieu, Ivanka Trump.

The brand has been dogged with controversy since it was first launched in 2007. The company was accused of plagiarism and copyright infringement for derivative designs and condemned for poor labor practices abroad.

While company spokespeople stressed that the decision to close down the business had nothing to do with declining popularity or quality, Ivanka Trump has come under heavy fire since the company’s former president and namesake joined her husband and father in the White House. Not only is Ivanka Trump unqualified for her position, there are concerns that she’s using her government work to support her business in a stunning conflict of interest. Worse, Ivanka Trump is complicit in her father’s monstrous policies—including corrupt handouts to the rich, attacking our country’s friends and allies, toadying to dictators and tyrants, and separating migrant families and locking up children in cages. No wonder there were constant calls to boycott her brand and major retailers like Nordstrom dropped her lineup after the election for declining sales.

No one will miss “Ivanka Trump” on the shelves, although products will still be available until the current licensing agreements expire.