25 Coolest Dog Breeds You’ll Love to Own

#23 – Newfoundland


If you’ve ever watched the Peter Pan movie, you’ll remember Nana, the Newfoundland dog of the Darling family. You probably remember Nana as being protective and loyal to its owners as are all Newfoundland dogs.

Sometimes called Newfs or Newfies, they’re social dogs and they love everyone, unless you have bad intentions. Their life span is on average 8 to 10 years. Newfies are great swimmers and they possess a thick coat that comes in black, gray, brown, or white. They’re one of the most intelligent dog breeds and incredibly easy to train.

Written by Harry Steinman

At the age of 18, Harry started a 5-year adventure to explore Southeast Asia and India. He has studied Eastern medicine and the art of yoga throughout his travels with the hopes of one day opening a holistic wellness and yoga center in North America. He's a lifelong learner and has the desire to share his findings with the rest of the world.