25 Coolest Dog Breeds You’ll Love to Own

#21 – Bichon Frise

These little snowflakes are so fluffy they will make your heart melt. There probably isn’t a dog breed in the world that is as vivacious and happy-go-lucky as the Bichon Frise.

The average lifespan of this breed is about 12-15 years. The only concern you should have when owning this dog is that your Bichon Frise doesn’t develop Small Dog Syndrome. That syndrome makes this dog feel like it’s the head of the pack and it can cause some problems at your home if you have other dog breeds that live with you. Other than that, they’re a cheerful breed and very easy to live with and take care of. 

Written by Harry Steinman

At the age of 18, Harry started a 5-year adventure to explore Southeast Asia and India. He has studied Eastern medicine and the art of yoga throughout his travels with the hopes of one day opening a holistic wellness and yoga center in North America. He's a lifelong learner and has the desire to share his findings with the rest of the world.