25 Most Dangerous Animals of 2017

#24 – The African Lion

Why lions and not tigers on this list? Tigers are faster – wouldn’t that make them deadlier? Well, lions are quite intelligent hunters and they hunt their pray in groups which make the deadlier of the two.

You have probably seen on television how a pride of lions hunt antelope or other African animals. Imagine if they hunted you like that… you would be dead in no time. Just being clawed by a lion can be lethal, but we haven’t even talked about how strong and deadly the bite of a lion is. Luckily, each year, there are less and less deaths caused by lions. However, always be careful if you plan to go on a safari and watch out for those lions!

Written by Omer Eren

Originally from Turkey, Omer has dreams of travel, but his work and social life keeps him grounded. When he’s not browsing through National Geographic and the Discovery Channel online, he’s trying new recipes he’s coming across on the Food Network. Once he finds the time, he plans to make his first trip to Rome because Italian cuisine is his favorite.