Beychella Two, Beyoncé Strikes Back (With Costume Changes), Is Over

Beychella Two, Beyoncé Strikes Back With New Costume Changes, is over. We didn’t even get to watch the livestream.

That’s right, Beyoncé was back on stage for the encore performance of our generation, closing out the second weekend of Coachella with a reprisal of last week’s musical marathon.

It appears that the setlist and choreography for the second show remained the same but Beyoncé did introduce new costumes. The Nefertiti queen and Destiny’s Child costumes were swapped out for radiant platinum ensembles that (we imagine) were bright as all hell under stage lighting. J. Balvin joined the talent-studded lineup for a performance of Mi Gente and the HBCU marching band wore magenta

It’s over, folks. It’s all over.

If you want to grab some of the swag from the event, check out this amazing Beyoncé U online popup. Twenty years from you can lie to your children and tell them, yes, you too were there before Queen Bey was appointed president-for-life. (On second thought, we love you but please don’t run for president, Beyoncé.)