Biggest Hollywood Sex Scandals that Shook the World

12. Josh Duggar


It would be a total injustice to complete this list without the inclusion of Josh Duggar, the eldest son of the Duggar clan. The reality TV star was earlier this year accused of molesting multiple underage girls in 2002 and 2003 when he was still a teenager.

These disturbing accusations revealed that Josh fondled five girls, four of them his own sisters. Shockingly, Josh’s parents didn’t inform the authorities after discovering his acts and instead took him to church elders who sent him to a Christian counseling program for treatment. It was only after he returned from the program that his parents notified a police officer who, peculiarly, also failed to inform an investigator.

Law enforcement officers opened a felony investigation three years later, but it was dropped because the statutory limitations had expired. To this date, Josh hasn’t been charged with any crimes except for the plenty of media backlash that he continues to face.