Biggest Hollywood Sex Scandals that Shook the World

22. Spyros Skouras and Buddy Adler


Although the term casting couch has been around for a very long time that it almost seems quaint, it was infamously highlighted by English actress Joan Collins who experienced it first-hand in Hollywood and exposed it in her 1978 memoir, Past Imperfect: An Autobiography. Casting couch is the trading of sexual favors by a subordinate to a superior in return for entry into a role.

Collins described her experience of this uncouth behavior at the hands two 20th Century Fox executives, Spyros Skouras and Buddy Adler in the 1950s and 1960s. “I had tested for the movie Cleopatra twice and was the frontrunner. He took me into his office and said, “You want this part? And I said, “Yes I really do.” “Well, then all you have to do is be really nice to me,” he said. It was a wonderful euphemism in the sixties for you know what. But I couldn’t do that. I became wimpish, burst into tears and rushed out of his office.” She couldn’t land the role because she couldn’t sleep with one of the execs, who would later give the role to Elizabeth Taylor.