Biggest Hollywood Sex Scandals that Shook the World

18. Casey Affleck


Casey Affleck is the younger brother of Ben Affleck. The actor was sued by two women, producer Amanda White and Cinematographer Magdalena Gorka. The two suits, which amounted to $4.25 million was settled privately after the two women allegedly accused the actor of verbally, physically and sexually harassing them while they were working together on a movie project.

They claimed that Casey would lewdly expose himself in front of them and touch them inappropriately without their consent. They also reported that he forced them to come to his hotel room and even crawled into one of their beds in the middle of the night without the victim’s permission. Casey’s wife left him after she learned about the allegations, but it’s so sad that he went on to win an Oscar for the best actor in Manchester by the Sea even after the serious allegations.