Controversial Designer Stefano Gabbana Lobs Insults at Selena Gomez

Stefano Gabbana has a reputation for unfiltered and controversial comments on social media. That’s a dangerous—some might say stupid—habit to pick up, but Gabbana, 55, has yet to learn his lesson. His latest target? Selena Gomez—and her fans are not happy.

Gabanna is one half of Dolce & Gabbana, and both partners have left a trail of homophobic and offensive public comments behind them over the years. They’ve called IVF and adoption “unnatural” and, despite the fact they are both gay men, condemned adoption by gay parents. Now, they’re proud to dress the First Lady, Melania Trump, when several other high profile designers have tried to distance themselves from the Trump Administration. The proud designers are not afraid of speaking their mind—even when they’re definitely wrong. But there’s a difference between embracing a pigheaded political position and launched unprovoked and petty insults!

Gabanna commented on a post featuring Selena Gomez on The Catwalk Italia, first noticed by Diet Panda. Gabanna called Gomez “è proprio brutta.” A rough translation? “She’s so ugly.”

Seriously, why do that? Gabbana’s a prestigious designer who, presumably, wants to dress the best models and celebrities on the planet. There’s no point in alienating potential clients. He’s also slagged Kate Moss on the same account. It’s offensive, foolish, and betrays a lack of maturity and respect for women. Gomez’s fans didn’t take this lightly and responded with a blistering series of posts of their own.

Dolce & Gabbana really doesn’t need any more bad press, but it doesn’t look like Stefano Gabbana is backing down.