Disney Releases Drone Video of Upcoming Star Wars Theme Parks

Disney’s multibillion-dollar acquisition of Lucasfilm didn’t just open the floodgates for more Star Wars movies—arguably too many Star Wars movies—it also bought the entertainment giant the rights to build a new theme park: “Galaxy’s Edge.” Disney is building not one but two identical Star Wars parks, one in Disneyland Anaheim and the second in Disney World, Florida. Now the company has given excited fans and parkgoers a look at the epic construction progress in this drone video.

Artist’s rendering of “Galaxy’s Edge.”

The footage demonstrates the incredible scale of the new parks. The fourteen-acre monsters are expected to cost $2 billion and are set to open in 2019. When they do, guests will have the opportunity to explore an alien planet called Baatu, “pilot” the Millennium Falcon, and take part in a battle between the Resistance and the nefarious First Order.

Until then, check out the video and see what’s under construction in a theme park far, far away.