Janelle Monaé Drops Gorgeous “Emotion Picture” For Her New Album, Dirty Computer

We were already pumped for Janelle Monaé’s new album, Dirty Computer, but we weren’t expecting the incredible “Emotion Picture” that accompanied the album on Friday. This isn’t your average music video or even a sequential series of music videos, this is a 48-minute movie weaving together all of the songs from her new album.

Monaé has created a lush sci-fi thriller about a dystopian future where memory and emotion are subject to brutal oppression. Monaé stars as Jane 57821, a defiant woman in love with a fellow rebel, Zen (Tessa Thompson). She’s captured, called “a dirty computer,” and her memories are slowly erased. Each song is a memory of her rebellion with the queer black community while being hunted by the sinister regime. It’s a beautiful celebration of queer love, resistance, and freedom to express your identity.

Watch this incredible video for yourself and check out Monaé’s new album.