Meghan Markle Had an MI5 Bodyguard While Filming ‘Suits’!

Meghan Markle is probably used to bodyguards by now, after all, strapping young guardsmen in red coats and bearskin hats protect her from danger at all times. Just one of the perks of being a princess—ball gowns, funny hats, jewels, servants, and bodyguards.

Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) on Suits | USA

For some people, that level of constant scrutiny is a deal breaker, and we respect that, but Meghan Markle obviously decided that Prince Harry was worth the loss of privacy! Before they were married, Prince Harry provided Meghan with a bodyguard to protect her while she was filming Suits in Toronto. According to co-star Wendell Pierce (who played Robert Zane on the show), while on set Meghan Markle was shadowed by a member of the United Kingdom’s Security Service—better known as MI5. Pierce also said that Markle’s name was removed from the filming schedules to protect her privacy from the ravenous hordes of paparazzi and unwanted fans.

MI5 is the United Kingdom’s domestic security service. They’re the guys that hunt terrorists and foreign spies. They’re the domestic partner to MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service—you know, “Bond, James Bond.” So, Meghan Markle had her own secret bodyguard. We know he wasn’t James Bond, but still.

Prince Harry was naturally concerned about the tsunami of paparazzi and unwanted attention that dating a member of the Royal Family brought down on his girlfriend. Clearly, Meghan Markle decided that her love for Prince Harry was worth the cost.