Samantha Markle Demonstrates She Has No Idea How to Apologize

Samantha Markle, Meghan Markle’s estranged half-sister, has issued a half-hearted “apology” on TV in the latest twist in the petty saga of the Duchess of Sussex’s grasping relatives.

Samantha Markle | Jeremy Vine Show

Samantha issued the almost-an-apology on the Jeremy Vine Show on Channel 5. She secured an interview after she flew to the United Kingdom, where she claimed she was trying to reconnect with her sister and showed up outside Buckingham Palace! She admitted to Jeremy Vine that she had no way of telling the Palace she was even there. She just kind of milled around with the tourists. (Great effort, Samantha. Great effort.) I mean, what did she expect? You can’t knock on the front door of the palace and say, “Take me to the Duchess of Sussex.”

Let’s be honest. This was a stunt to get another interview, this time in the United Kingdom—and it worked! Here she is on the Jeremy Vine Show.

During the interview Samantha apologizes, sort of: “I think everybody was hurt not being included or invited to the wedding, but I felt as though it could have all been nipped in the bud had everyone been included, and we all just agreed to move forward with positive resolve. The hurt feelings wouldn’t have snowballed, but believe it or not, it doesn’t mean that we love you any less, I just think that families can be this way when there’s confusion and people are hurt. So moving forward, I apologize and wish things could be different.”

Let’s break this down. Samantha’s upset about not being invited to the Royal Wedding so she lashed out, literally calling her half-sister names on television. (You know, I was upset that I wasn’t invited to the wedding but that doesn’t give me the right to be a horrible person, Samantha.) You don’t get to excuse your behavior by saying that “families can be this way.” You don’t have a right to be a part of your estranged half-sister’s life, just because she’s rich and famous now.

Samantha didn’t really apologize. She tried to justify her behavior, avoid taking full responsibility for a one-sided feud that she started, and continues to keep her story in the tabloids. If you really want to reconnect with an estranged family member, you don’t slag them in public.

Go home, Samantha. Go home, and live your best life.