Flaming T-Rex of Destruction at Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience, Colorado

A giant Tyrannosaurus rex has gone up in flames at the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience in Canon City, Colorado. It was no doubt frightening and exhilarating at the same time for the surprised onlookers.

(Here’s What We Wanted To See)

The isolated electrical fire consumed one of sixteen T-rex statues resident at the dinosaur experience. Thankfully, park staff quickly contained the blaze and no one was hurt. That said, just imagine a whole herd of sixteen flaming tyrannosaurs! (Question—what do you call a group of tyrannosaurus rexes? A pack? A tyranny? A slaughter of tyrannosaurs?)

When the fire burnt out there only a metal substructure left standing, like a very literally minded art installation at Burning Man. Check out the video below from AP. There is something immeasurably satisfying about watching the flames lick up the flanks of a giant dinosaur.