Taylor Swift Stars in Sugarland’s Music Video “Babe”

Taylor Swift has a sported a variety of looks over her musical career: innocent high schooler, trendy hipster, leather-clad superspy, sexy android. You know, the usual. In this music video for “Babe” by Sugarland, Swift debuts her latest look: Mad Men secretary.

The new music video for “Babe” stars Taylor Swift as a secretary having an affair with her boss, Brandon Routh—at least until his wife, Sugarland’s frontwoman Jennifer Nettles, finds out. Swift’s style is uncannily similar to Joan Hollaway, the redheaded bombshell played by Christina Hendricks on Mad Men, complete with a pink sweater and dress, glamorous broach, and coifed red hair.

The music video evokes the 1960s with cocktail dresses, fedoras, martinis—and a maltreated wife, dressed to perfection, abandoned at home to do the cooking while her odious husband sleeps around at the office. In the end, Routh abandons both women. (Shocking.) Looks like it’s the last time either will call him babe.

T.Swift wrote the treatment and reached out to Sugarland’s singer songwriter Jennifer Nettles with the idea for a music video. Sugarland loved the idea and Nettle is the leader singer, with Swift contributing to the chorus. Watch the music video below!