Tide’s Super Bowl Commercial Parodies ALL Super Bowl Ads

Tide was the clear winner of Super Bowl LII with a laugh-out-loud campaign that parodies the usual commercial suspects. The amusing series of spots took a playful look at the typical ads (even the ones we like) used every year at the Big Game and transformed each and every one of them into a silly Tide commercial.

The campaign stars David Harbour from Stranger Things as a bone-dry Tide spokesman. But this isn’t an ordinary ad for detergent. Harbour launches the first spot in a car with the same dramatic lighting and silvery music as a luxury car commercial. Each new segment features another recognizable commercial—from Budweiser’s heartwarming horses to Old spice and Mr. Clean. The humor escalates as Harbour’s flung into increasingly ridiculous situations and insists that each, yes, is a real Tide ad.

Watch the video for yourself to see how it works! The take-away? Every time you see clothes this clean, think Tide. Try and shake that subliminal message.