Tourism Australia’s Tongue-in-Check Crocodile Dundee Trailer Steals the Super Bowl

The Philadelphia Eagles took home the title at Super Bowl LII, but advertisers were competing for an even bigger trophy: 100 million viewers that would only remember the funniest, most exciting, most ridiculous commercials in America. One of the biggest winners? Foreigners from Tourism Australia.

Tourism Australia spent weeks laying the groundwork for their hilarious Super Bowl commercial by ad agency Droga5, finally dropping an amazing fake trailer for a new Crocodile Dundee movie that’s really a beautiful tourism ad that stars the country’s natural wonders. Oh, and Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth.

The commercial starts like any other trailer, featuring a dramatic shot of a river canyon and a logo for a fake production company. Danny McBride enters as the long-lost son of Crocodile Dundee. Really, this looks like a buddy comedy we’d actually pay to see, but for now we’ll settle this commercial. Danny McBride’s resigned exasperation as he deadpans, “This isn’t a movie, is it?” in a fancy restaurant overlooking the Sydney Opera House to boot was pitch perfect.

Chris Hemsworth puts the cherry on top with a droll overview of Australia’s beaches, wining and dining opportunities, and deals on flights. Alright, Australia, you got us. Let’s see…New York to Sydney…

Check out the commercial below!