Warner Bros. Might Launch Central Perk Coffee Shop from Friends

If you grew up in the 90s, you’ve probably dreamed about hanging out with the cast of “Friends” in Central Perk. The cozy, if fictional, coffee shop located near Central Park in New York City hosted the “Friends” gang for ten years when the hit series was the most popular show on television. Warner Bros. has just secured the copyright to use “Central Perk” for real coffee shop and café services—bringing us one step closer to a real-life location overflowing with pricey coffee and merchandise. And yet we still can’t wait.

Warner Bros. has already tempted fans of the show with a pop-up Central Perk in New York to celebrate the show’s twentieth anniversary in 2014. According to celebrity news site The Blast, Warner Bros. has now gone one step further and filed for copyright over Central Perk’s name and logo. There’s a decent chance that the company is simply maintaining their control over the show’s imagery. After all, Warner Bros. shut down a Toronto Central Perk parody just last year. But there’s a slim chance that this copyright claim means that Warner Bros. might open a real location in the future.

Just think of the possibilities: pictures of you and your friends posed on the iconic (if dowdy) couch; Central Perk coffee mugs, aprons, and shirts available for purchase with your latte. Warner Bros. must see the money-making potential here, right? (The company also filed for the rights to use Central Perk on toys, board games, and slot machines…so, casino café?)

Can we pay 90s prices for our coffee, though? Who are we kidding—we’d pay any price for a chance to hang out in the same spot as Friends.