Disney and ColourPop Announce Disney Princess-Themed Collection

ColourPop and Disney have announced a collaboration based on Disney Princesses! The Disney Designer Collection features makeup inspired by classic fairytale princesses ready to walk the red carpet. The collection includes lip gloss, lipstick, and a powder palette in a range of shades.

The makeup collection is themed on six Disney Princesses: Ariel, Belle, Cinderalla, Jasmie, Snow White, and Tiana. ColourPop put a lot of thought into each princess and their matching shades of lipstick; Ariel is nude coral, Belle is a red rose, Cinderella is cool pink, Jasmine is bright fuschia, and Tiana is deep red, and Snow White is true rouge. The Super Shock Shadow and Super Shock Highlighter are all named after key moments from classic films, like a seafoam green called “Under the Sea!”

ColourPop’s collection is available at a great deal, both as a complete kit ($120.00) and a set ($110.00) or powder palette ($20.00). You can also buy individual items on ColourPop.com if you want one perfect item from your favorite princess!