How To Create This Summer’s Trendiest Braids

For every season, there is a hairstyle.

There’s an amazing new hairstyle trending again on social media again this summer: the DNA Braid. The braid looks like how we imagine the double helix structure of DNA. (Did you know that DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid? The more you know.) There are some amazing stylists showcasing the DNA braid on Instagram, and it’s even more impressive when the hair is dyed.
(We’d be even MORE impressed if the hair was died in repeated groups of four colors, representing the four base nucleotides A, C, G, and T. It would also look fabulous.)

While the DNA braid looks very complicated, it’s not all that different from a fishtail braid with a third section and just requires patience! First, separate your hair into three sections. Starting from the outside take a smaller section of hair and weave it over and under the larger sections. Then repeat this process on the other side and alternate back and forth until your braid is long enough; don’t forget that the middle section doesn’t move! You’re only working with the two outer strands. When you’re done, twist the entire braid to achieve a helical look and tie off the end!

It’s SO MUCH easier to watch a video, so here’s a helpful tutorial from YouTuber Alex Gaboury.