Emily Ratajkowski Knows How To Take the Perfect Beach Selfie

Summer is here! It’s time to hit the beach, get some sunshine, and snap a selfie to commemorate your tan! If you want to take the perfect beach selfie, Emily Ratajkowski has some specific instructions on how to take the best shot. Who better?

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Emily Ratajkowski is the queen of the derriere on Instagram, known for her swimsuit modeling and artful poses. Ratajkowski’s Instagram, @emrata, celebrates beauty, female empowerment, and sexual liberation. No wonder she has 18 million followers. Now, she also designs her own swimwear brand, Inamorata—that’s Italian for “female lover.” Swimwear is a big part of her Instagram and her lifestyle—she’s been a beach bum since her childhood in San Diego and her suits are named for beaches and streets in her hometown.

If you want to feature your own beach bum like @emrata, Ratajkowksi offered some instruction to InStyle. She recommends a high cut that flatters the legs. Naturally, Inamorata offers high-cut bikini bottoms inspired by beach bombshells from the ‘60s and ‘90s. Next, you need natural light—be it the beach, balcony, or near a window. Artificial light—like your bathroom—is a bad idea. Finally, Ratajkowksi recommends that you take a thousand pictures. The perfect selfies—including her own—are one in a million!