The Only Gym Beauty Hacks You’ll Really Need

The only beauty hack you’ll really need for the gym is a pair of headphones—trust us, it’s way easier to tune out and get into the zone than worry about beauty hacks. That said, I’ve needed a little boost to work up the courage to hit the gym in the past. Some people suffer from anxiety about exercising in a group or, if you’re like me, turn into a sweaty mess—red, blotchy, and frizzy. (I was NOT built for the gym, okay?) If that’s true for you too, there are a few beauty hacks that are easy and effective! These are my beauty hacks for the terminally gym-impaired.

Prepare Your Hair

If you’re going to work out, tie your hair in a braid. The sweat will help set the hair and result in messy waves that are perfect complement to your post-gym glow. It also keeps your hair out of the way, but don’t forget to use a headband to keep any sweat off of your face. After you’re done exercising, use a brush to get those loose, post-gym waves.

Dry Shampoo

If you know you’re going to work it hard, apply some dry shampoo before you start exercising. Dry shampoo will help absorb any odor and some of the excess sweat. Then brush it out after you’re done!

Take a Cold Show

Take a cold shower, NOT a hot shower, after your hit the gym. (Sigh.) The cold water will lower your core body temperature and reduce post-workout redness and skin discoloration. A cold shower can even help burn fat! If you can’t shower, you can dry your hair with the hand dryer in the bathroom or blow dryer if you have one handy.

Just don’t worry about sweating at the gym, that’s the whole point!