Meghan Markle Gets Her Own Coat of Arms

Meghan Markle might not technically be a Princess, but she’s the next best thing—the first Duchess of Sussex. Now she’s officially received a coat of arms signifying her new status as a member of the Royal Family. Meghan Markle worked closely with the College of Arms to create a personalized design.

Traditionally, a new bride’s coat of arms is given to her father just before a Royal Wedding. In a big break with tradition—understandable given Thomas Markle’s medical issues and media—the Palace gave Meghan her official coat of arms after the Big Day. In another break with tradition, Meghan’s coat of arms doesn’t include any symbolic allusions to her family.

Meghan worked with the College of Arms in London to develop her own design. The blue background represents the Pacific Ocean, while two golden rays represent Meghan’s hometown of Los Angeles. The three quills represent communication and the power of words, appropriate for an actor and activist. On the other side of the shield is the coat of arms of her husband, Prince Harry. Below the shield is a field of grass with golden poppies (California’s state flower, natch), and wintersweet, a yellow flower that grows right outside Meghan and Harry’s cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace. On either side of the shield are two animals called “Supporters:” the lion represents the Royal Family and the songbird for Meghan Markle. She even got her own coronet!

We love her unique design. Despite their hoity-toity history, who doesn’t want their own family crest or coat of arms?