Pottery Barn Releases Expanded Collection of Harry Potter Décor

Eager to cash in on cash-strapped Millennials, Pottery Barn has recently expander their collection of Harry Potter-themed décor! Well, technically this is sold by PBteen (which does not sound as cool as Pottery Barn wanted it too), but let’s be honest…this isn’t just for ‘the teens.’

The massive collection could fill Gryffindor Tower (and drain your vault at Gringotts), including prints, jewelry, water bottles, ornaments, clothing, furniture, and bedding. Many of the items are available in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff colors so you can pick the right house, which is a BIG relief.

The most incredible item has to be the Hogwarts Great Hall Bed made from spruce and rubberwood with a hand-crafted antiqued finish and carved Hogwarts House crests for $2,000. (The goblins wouldn’t charge that much!) If you’re the type of “teen” that’s buying a $2,000 bed, we’re confidant you’ll want to spruce up the room with a floor-length Mirror of Erised ($400), a pair of Hedwig Bedside Tables ($349), and a Fawkes the Phoenix Floor Lamp ($400). If you’re like me and won’t stuff your entire mansion with Harry Potter-themed furniture, than you should check out the gorgeous bedding options instead; you know, for your current bed. There are also some really cute pajamas that will go great with the new sheets!

If you can’t justify redecorating, there’s something in this collection for everyone. Our favorite items have to be the hard-sided luggage sets designed to look like vintage trunks, with the Hogwarts House crest of your choice. Or the Deathly Hallows Bluetooh Speaker ($79), which looks like a Wizarding Wireless set!

If you’re a fan you need to browse through the whole collection. Take our money, Pottery Barn. Shopiarmus!