Priyanka Chopra Made Sure Nick Jonas Got the Perfect Engagement Ring

No celebrity engagement is complete without a honking big diamond! Priyanka Chopra has been sporting a $200,000 custom Tiffany & Co. engagement ring since August. Now, the actress has revealed how she made sure that Nick Jonas got her the perfect engagement ring.

Nick Jonas proposed to Priyanka Chopra in July, two months after they started dating. In August, Priyanka revealed her stunning engagement ring on Instagram: a cushion-cut diamond estimated at 4 carats with tapered baguettes.


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Taken.. With all my heart and soul..

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Nick put a lot of work into finding the perfect ring. He shut down a Tiffany & Co. store in London last month to shop in privacy. (That’s a nice thing you can do, apparently. It would take a little of the stress off!) But Priyanka Chopra made sure that he knew what to look for. According to PEOPLE, Priyanka dropped a LOT of hints before they got engaged.

Chopra has wanted a Tiffany & Co. ring since she was a kid when she watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Sweet Home Alabama. “Well, I may have dropped that hint,” Chopra explained during the Tiffany & Co. 2018 Blue Book Collection in New York, “I think we had a conversation about it when we were dating and I’ve always known it had to be Tiffany.” Looks like Nick Jonas was listening!

If you’re the type of woman (or man) that wants a specific engagement ring, don’t expect your partner to read your mind! If you’ve started to think about getting engaged, have a conversation with your significant other. Talk about what you want. Don’t be too subtle!

Then you can expect the perfect ring.