This Is The Haircut For Summer

Things are heating up for summer, and that means it’s time to cut loose and get ready for some fun in the sun! New shoes, new clothes, new look—and a new haircut. This year the “it” cut for the summer is a sleek bob. Celebrities are going short and sleek with this easy, refreshing style.

We’ve starting seeing the bob on the red carpet on stars like Saorise Ronan, Jenna Dewan, and Jourdan Dunn. The bob is chin-length and straight. This year, sleek is in and volume is out. (That’s bad news for those of us with curly hair! If you’ve got curly hair, make sure your stylist knows how to play with your texture and always leave extra length for shrinkage. Curls will bounce right back up if you don’t leave room, running a bob.) Also in this year are blonde beach weaves, which should come as no surprise to anyone. We’ve seen blonde waves on Margot Robbie, and it’s the look for summer.

The bob is the natural next step after last year’s slightly longer lob and another sign that the 90s are back in fashion. Straight, center part, and cut at the chin? We’ve done this before. Really, the bob is ideal for the summer. It’s flexible, cool, easy to manage, and looks good wet. Time to book our next hair appointment.