Do You Want a Taco Bell Wedding?

Taco Bell has launched a new line of wedding accessories for people who really think outside the bun when it comes to their bit day. Or, we don’t know, people who enjoy novelty gifts? This seems like something we would give our best friend as a joke wedding shower gift.

The home of…beloved…classics like Nacho Fries and the Doritos Cheesy Gordito Crunch has offered weddings at their flagship Taco Bell Cantina Restaurant in Las Vegas for over a year. The wedding package features fast-food themed wedding swag, a sauce packet bouquet, twelve tacos, a Cinnabon Delights Franken-Cake, and a ceremony conducted inside a Taco Bell. Really, it seems like they could have thrown in a few more items off the Dollar Cravings menu for your guests. Ah, Las Vegas, the home of “live mas loco.” It’s all starting to make sense now.

If you can’t make it to Las Vegas for your special day, the nuptially challenged can buy their own Taco Bell wedding accessories online at the Taco Shop. The new lineup features a dandy Sauce Packet Bow Tie, a sexy Taco Bell Wedding Garter, a Taco Bell Champagne Set, and Mr. and Mrs. Shirts with “Just Married” on the back (natch).

So if you met your significant other in a Taco Bell or bonded over your shared love of the runs, Taco Bell has got you covered.