25 Healthy Meal Ideas You Should Try Out

#21 – Homemade Pizza

Pizza, when prepared with several healthy ingredients, can actually be healthy. Usually, the pizzas we eat at restaurants, order for delivery, or microwave are usually full of unhealthy ingredients and are high in calories. However, homemade pizza is a healthier substitute.

To make a healthy, homemade pizza, you can use naan bread, or a tortilla as the base for your pizza. Then add either pesto or sugar-free tomato sauce. After that, add non-starch vegetables such like onions, bell pepper, asparagus, mushrooms, and artichokes. Finally, instead of adding processed meat on your pizza, opt for chicken or fish.  By making pizza this way, you’ll get a low-calorie pizza full of protein and healthy fiber.

Written by Harry Steinman

At the age of 18, Harry started a 5-year adventure to explore Southeast Asia and India. He has studied Eastern medicine and the art of yoga throughout his travels with the hopes of one day opening a holistic wellness and yoga center in North America. He's a lifelong learner and has the desire to share his findings with the rest of the world.