Did You Know You Can Make Fruit Jack-o’-Lanterns!?

We can’t believe that Halloween is just two weeks away! We love the spooky decorations, scary costumes, and the opportunity to eat a giant bowl of candy! (Sorry, trick-or-treaters.) One of our favorite Halloween activities? Carving a jack-o’-lantern! But did you know that you can make a jack-o’-lantern out of more than just a pumpkin? Probably, but we didn’t! Apparently, you can make a jack-o’-lantern out of a pineapple, watermelon, or a cantaloupe.

The process is the exact same as carving a pumpkin. Apparently, pineapples are SUPER popular this year and you can check out some amazing creations on Instagram. The leaves even look like hair. Well, crazy cartoon hair—perfect for a silly jack-o’-lantern. You can even eat the fruit as you go!

We’re definitely going to carve a pineapple this Halloween. This spine-tingling story inspired us to do a little digging, and, apparently, gourds are used around the world to make lanterns! It’s not just gourds, either. In Ireland, Scotland, and Cornwall, people carved the first jack-o’-lanterns using scary-looking turnips. Pineapples and melons are just the latest additions to the jack-o’-lantern family!