We Really Want Oreo’s New Cookie

There are countless fun ways to enjoy the summer, but eating and drinking from sunup to sundown is one of them! It’s time to bring out the BBQ, roll out the ice cream truck, and start blending margaritas. One of the best places to scarf down some of summer’s most disgusting treats? The state fair, where deep frying is not an option—it’s a requirement. Oreo has decided to bring the state fair straight home this year with “State Fair” cookies.

Just look at these delectable monsters: that’s an Oreo wrapped in a delicious, crunchy, fried coating. Oreo’s never actually calls these cookie sandwiches “deep-fried,” but come on. That’s battered and coated in oil or we’re a prize pig.

While it won’t come straight from the fryer, this is the next best thing if you can’t make it to the local fair everything other weekend for your fix. Oreo’s is selling them in the frozen aisle at Walmart and they come in two varieties—chocolate coating and vanilla coating.

We’ll be grabbing a box as soon as we can, but don’t forget to treat yourself to a summer classic and visit your local fair. There’s plenty more than Oreos that can be battered and deep-fried.