Cutting Out Soft Drinks Can Have Huge Health Benefits: Here’s Why

At this point, the science is clear. Soft drinks have a devastating impact on your health. Sugary drinks are the leading cause of obesity in America. Study after study has shown that soda contributes to weight gain—and the resulting medical conditions linked with obesity, including heart conditions, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Other studies have teased out a link between sugary drinks and infertility and skin conditions!

It’s not easy to figure out why soft drinks are so bad for you: you’re drinking liquid sugar, and sugar is stored as fat. Sugary drinks are also a lot worse than a rich dessert, because food also contains healthy fats, proteins, and fiber, improving your ability to digest sugar. Sweetened beverages are, for the most part, sugar and water—and goes straight to your gut. Natural sugars trigger your cells to get ready to store energy, anticipating the instant boost from fructose or glucose. Too much sugar and you’re in trouble, and pop is definitely packed with too much sugar! When sugar can’t be used as fuel, it’s converted straight into fat. Artificial sweeteners in diet soda don’t help, either; hundreds of time more potent than sugar, they trick your body into thinking it’s getting a rush of sugar and start storing fat.

The result? Weight gain and health problems. Drinking just one can of pop, sweet tea, or sweetened juice per day can lead to increased body fat. Diet soda doesn’t work, and diet drinkers still experience weight gain. Cutting out all sugary drinks can lead to weight loss, a decreased waistline, and reduced risk of obesity and the related health conditions.

If you’re having trouble kicking the habit, think about using green tea or black coffee for caffeine and flavored sugar-free sparkling water for that feisty fizz. Cut back on pop and you can see serious health benefits.