25 Animals That Will Make You Scared

#14 – The Shoebill

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Of all the conceivable names, how on Earth is it called the Shoebill? It looks like it’s ready to end your existence.

It gets its name from its bill that resembles a shoe – a large one at that. Shoebills, which live in the marshes of eastern tropical Africa, are usually after smaller prey, so you should be safe. They can eat fish like lungfish, eels, and catfish, but they can even eat reptiles, snakes, and juvenile crocodiles. What kind of monster eats crocodiles?

Written by Omer Eren

Originally from Turkey, Omer has dreams of travel, but his work and social life keeps him grounded. When he’s not browsing through National Geographic and the Discovery Channel online, he’s trying new recipes he’s coming across on the Food Network. Once he finds the time, he plans to make his first trip to Rome because Italian cuisine is his favorite.