25 Animals That Will Make You Scared

#23 – Trogloraptor Spider

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The trogloraptor is a spider that is dreadful and so very terrifying! As long as you avoid caves in southwestern Oregon, you probably won’t have to encounter one in the wild. They’re mostly yellowish-brown in color and can have a leg span of 3 inches (7.6 centimeters). They have these hook-like claws on the ends of each leg.

Trogloraptor also means “cave robber” which refers to its habitat and hooked claws.

Written by Omer Eren

Originally from Turkey, Omer has dreams of travel, but his work and social life keeps him grounded. When he’s not browsing through National Geographic and the Discovery Channel online, he’s trying new recipes he’s coming across on the Food Network. Once he finds the time, he plans to make his first trip to Rome because Italian cuisine is his favorite.