25 Ways To Overcome Stress

#24 – Set priorities

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Sometimes the biggest reason for worrying is the mismanagement in life rather than in relationships or at work. We are continuously performing daily life tasks carelessly. Maybe we’re giving too much time to friends and not family and in return we get ignored and neglected. Spending our money, and most preciously, our time on those that don’t deserve it could end up proving stressful in your life. Try to make a list of priorities for your work and the most important people in your life and as a result you will surely get inner peace and enjoyment.


Written by Harry Steinman

At the age of 18, Harry started a 5-year adventure to explore Southeast Asia and India. He has studied Eastern medicine and the art of yoga throughout his travels with the hopes of one day opening a holistic wellness and yoga center in North America. He's a lifelong learner and has the desire to share his findings with the rest of the world.