Fitness Experts Claim That This Is the Most Effective Full-Body Workout

The weather is getting milder and many people are starting to think about getting back into shape. Jogging, running, biking, and swimming are all back on the agenda for Spring 2018! But that latest fitness trend for 2018 doesn’t require heading outdoors. Head back to the gym instead and rediscover indoor rowing.

Rowing, once limited to college sports and the Summer Olympics, is making big waves in the fitness world. It might not have an army of Instagram influencers taking cute pictures of rowing machines (for now), but some experts consider rowing to be one of the most effective full-body workouts. At least, that’s the opinion of Dr. Cameron Nichol, a medical doctor and former Olympian rower. The two-time silver medalist claims that rowing techniques activate multiple muscle groups–including your legs, core, chest, and arms–and functions as an intense cardio workout at the same time. To be fair, Dr. Nichol’s sounds like he’s got a “boat” in this race–he dedicated his life to rowing and is obviously a booster for the sport. However, facts are facts. There’s no question it is one of the tougher full-body exercise regimens.

So take a second look at the dowdy rowing machine gathering dust in the corner of your gym. This might be the next fitness challenge of 2018!