Paris Hilton Launches Ridiculous Skincare Line

Paris Hilton has launched a new line of crazy skincare products called ProD.N.A. The infamous socialite, DJ, designer, and OG Kardashian definitely has nice skin, but we’re not buying ProD.N.A.’s pseudoscientific slew of marketing jargon.

The lineup consists of four products starting with Lift and Firm Eye Cream ($78), Face & Décolletage Cream ($75), Dual Action Cleansing Gel ($29), and Advanced Recovery Serum ($115). Hilton touts ProD.N.A.’s miraculous formula to slow down aging and repair skin damage. Supposedly, ProD.N.A. contains microalgae enzymes and the “GenoMatrix” that “literally” repairs the DNA in your skin. No. Just, no. If we could already repair damaged DNA, we would be tackling much bigger problems than “skin buoyancy.” ProD.N.A. probably has some beneficial properties, but it’s not repairing your skin at a genetic level.

ProD.N.A. also contains diamond powder to diminish discoloration (okay), caviar lime as an exfoliant (it’s not made from fish eggs but from a small tree in Australia), and white truffle extract (that’s just mushrooms). These ingredients justifies the price, even if it does nothing to justify ProD.N.A.’s ridiculous marketing claims.

Well, if you’re on the market for a new skincare regimen endorsed by Paris Hilton, you’re in luck. I hope I never have to type “ProD.N.A.” again. Ugh.