Study Claims That Tea Improves Your Cognitive Skills

Tea. Coffee. Dark chocolate. Red Wine. Don’t worry, it’s good for you—well, according to at least one or two popular studies you can find to back up your craving for a glass of pinot! Food science is notoriously tricky, so take this with a grain of salt (which is still bad for you…we think): tea provides a boost to your creativity and cognitive skill according to a recent study from Peking University in China.

We’d love for this particular study to be true, but the results are limited to say the least. Psychologists at Peking University ran a (small) test on 50 students in their early twenties. Half were given black tea and the other half were given water before the researchers tested their cognitive skills. Students with tea performed better than students without tea.

The researchers were quick to note that caffeine and theanine, two active ingredients in black tea, have known health benefits. True—so the students with a little caffeine were just more awake in class, right? Let’s run this study using coffee and see what happens.

If you want to start drinking tea, go ahead. Tea has known health benefits in moderate amounts. It’s relaxing, energizing, and refreshing. Just don’t start chugging black tea before your exams or your next big project and expect a sudden boost of creativity without further work on your part.