Three “Healthy Foods” That You Should Stop Eating Right Now

Sitting down all day to work, high stress, and easy access to unhealthy foods doesn’t make living a healthy lifestyle easy! Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet. Even seemingly healthy or wholesome foods can have hidden costs. If you’re eating one of these three “healthy” foods a little too much, it’s time to switch up your diet.

1. Greek Yogurt

I know, we love Greek yogurt too. It’s creamy, rich, and filling. It’s great for breakfast. Some people use it as substitute for other dairy products. Worse, it’s delicious. It was also billed as high in healthy fats. Unfortunately, Greek yogurt is still, well, fatty. Like all fatty foods, it’s better in small doses and most people are eating too much per serving. It’s time to pay closer attention to serving sizes.

2. Bananas

Bananas seem like a healthy snack—fruit is supposed to be good for you! Unfortunately, bananas are only healthy in comparison to “energy bars” or processed snacks excessively high in sugar, salt, and sweeteners. The starch in a ripe banana is instantly converted into sugar in your bloodstream. Bananas are also high in carbohydrates. Ultimately, it’s one of the least healthy fruits. An apple a day, right?

3. Eggplant

You weren’t expecting eggplant, were you? Eggplant is actually a member of the nightshade family (of “deadly nightshade” infamy) associated with inflammation in your joints. Pay close attention to your eggplant consumption if you’re feeling sore or achy—you might have found a surprising culprit.

It’s time to cut back on these three “healthy” foods—ugh, so much work.