25 Types of Women You Should Never Marry

#6 – A Gossip Girl

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A gossip girl would be a woman who is too involved and indulged with the business of others, when they shouldn’t be, and don’t need to be. A woman so concerned about the affairs and news of others may have lost sight of their priorities, and may be struggling with a need to feel superior to others. Someone who finds themselves gossiping may not be focused on working on their own marriage, and who knows, they may gossip about you when things aren’t going their way. Focus on the things that matter, and never compare to others.

Written by Omer Eren

Originally from Turkey, Omer has dreams of travel, but his work and social life keeps him grounded. When he’s not browsing through National Geographic and the Discovery Channel online, he’s trying new recipes he’s coming across on the Food Network. Once he finds the time, he plans to make his first trip to Rome because Italian cuisine is his favorite.