25 Types of Women You Should Never Marry

#1 – The Unstable Woman

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A woman who is unstable tends to act impulsively and unpredictably. It’s crucial to spot this in the face of trials and challenges as soon as you can. When your spouse is faced with difficult times, it’s important to know generally how your life partner will respond. If their responses are always differently, and always ranging in emotion, then that’s something to be cautious about. Caring for someone who is emotionally unstable can be draining and emotionally and physically taxing. Know what you’re getting into. If you have the option to not get into a relationship with someone who is like this, then avoid this character trait as much as you can.

Written by Omer Eren

Originally from Turkey, Omer has dreams of travel, but his work and social life keeps him grounded. When he’s not browsing through National Geographic and the Discovery Channel online, he’s trying new recipes he’s coming across on the Food Network. Once he finds the time, he plans to make his first trip to Rome because Italian cuisine is his favorite.