Just Attending a Wedding Cost More Than Ever

Wish you could attend the Royal Wedding? You might want to rethink that—attending a wedding is expensive, even more so if you’re the guest of the Windsors! But even if you’re planning on attending a wedding for your nearest and dearest back in the U.S. of A., it wont be cheap. According to a new study from Bankrate, Americans fork over an average of $628 just to show up at a wedding.

The survey included 2,228 adults across the country. On average, it costs $638 to attend a wedding, including transportation and lodging, and that doesn’t include any clothes or gifts. The lucky members of the wedding party spend $728, on average, on gifts, clothes, and events. (If you live in the Northeast, bridal parties spend even more—a grand total of S1,070.) All that for a dress we can’t wear ever again—and can’t wait to forget. Ugh, fuchsia…

We don’t begrudge anyone who’s getting married or involved in supporting the bride and groom on their big day! But the wedding industry is real, and we’re the product. Maybe it’s time to stop forcing our guests, and the members of our wedding party, from forking over the big bucks. Just a little.