Lush Offers Artsy New Bubble Brush Wands

We love lighting some scented candles, pouring a glass of wine (bring the bottle), and running a hot bath. What makes a bath even better? Bubbles. What can make BUBBLES even better? New colored and scented Lush Bubble Bars that let you add frothy paintings to your bath.

Lush Bubble Bars are reusable products that, when crumbled in hot water, produce frothy and fragrant bubbles. Lush now offers three new bars intended for “painting” in the froth of a hot bath. Mounted on a handle like a paintbrush, they look a lot like ice cream bars! They come in three different varieties and three colors: Lemon, Candy, and Mint. You can use the bar to create trails of yellow, pink, and blue colored froth in the bubbles while releasing the scent of citrusy lemon, cotton candy, or mint (so you can pass on the scented candles). Even better, the bubble bars are made without any animal products or cruelty to animals. They’re conscience-free!

Lush is always looking for new and exciting ways to spice up your #bathlife, and this one’s a winner. We love the idea of relaxing in the bath, glass of wine in one hand (plastic wineglass, natch), and bubble bar in the other!