Shredding for the Wedding: Meghan Markle Has Prince Harry on Strict Diet

According to reports, Meghan Markle has convinced Prince Harry to adopt her clean eating habits in preparation for the Royal Wedding! Turns out even royalty aren’t immune to the pressure of “shredding for the wedding.” Prince Harry is working out, cutting carbs, and losing weight.

The Daily Mail broke the story and claims that Meghan has pushed her fiancée to stop eating junk food, reduce his drinking, and even stop smoking! This is a big deal for the rough-and-tumble prince who was known for his love of fried food while serving as a member of the British Armed Forces. To be fair, this sounds like a step in the right direction. Harry’s not in his twenties any longer!

Harry’s replaced pizza and fried chicken with Meghan’s smoothies, juices, and quinoa. He’s reportedly joined an exclusive £575-a-month gym. Frankly, if we knew there would be paparazzi hiding in the bushes outside of our wedding venue, we’d get shredded too. The Royal Wedding is on May 19, 2018, under a month away!