Samantha Markle Apologizes Again for “Asinine” Public Behavior

Surprise, Samantha Markle is still talking! The Duchess of Sussex’ estranged half-sister Samantha Markle issued another public apology for her rude behavior over the past months. In the process she gave herself some great advice: everybody should just shut up and let Meghan Markle enjoy her pregnancy.

Oh my god, just stop.

Samantha Markle’s most recent apology is just the latest twist in the ongoing squabble between Samantha Markle and…well, herself. (Given that, for very good reasons, Meghan Markle has not engaged with her half-sister.) Samantha has done interview after interview with the tabloid press insulting the Royal Family and complaining about the Duchess. Her latest statement comes on the heels of Harry and Meghan’s pregnancy announcement.

First, Samantha told The Sun that was thrilled for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new child, but then doubled down on her attempt to intrude into her half-sister’s life. She insisted that Meghan’s estranged father Thomas Markle is included: “I hope my dad is included and at a proper time. If he is excluded, I won’t be happy. It is in the best interests of the baby for my dad to be included.” Once again, Samantha seems to miss the point. It doesn’t matter if she’s happy. It’s not up to her. It’s up to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

A few days later, Samantha went over to The Daily Mail where she issued another public apology to her past behavior: “I’m so excited, I’m so happy for you and I really, really am sorry for any of the past tension and confusion and misunderstandings and asinine things I’ve said when I just didn’t understand what was going on and I wanted things to work out for my dad.” We sympathize with Samantha’s desire to help her dad, but her previous efforts were counterproductive—to say the least. Samantha also happened to giver herself some great advice: “everybody just needs to shut the heck up and let this be a great thing for them, for the world, [and] for the family.”

Great point, Samantha. Great point.