Sephora Launches Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community

Sephora is incredibly popular for their in-store makeup experiences, encouraging customers to work with makeup artists to discover their ideal look—and then buy the appropriate luxury cosmetics. Sephora’s latest improvement to their shopping experience is the Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community.

Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community is an inclusive in-store tutorial for customers that identify as transgender or non-binary. Sephora stores across the U.S. will offer free 90-minute classes to help attendees find their unique, personal style. Attendees will learn how to formulate a new care regimen based on their complexion and skin needs. They’ll get tips for creating a smooth base, color correcting, shade matching, and perfect foundation using Sephora’s proprietary in-store Color iQ system. The sessions will be led by Sephora Beauty Advisors—that’s the company’s fancy designation for a sales associate—who identify as transgender.

Beauty tips like these are tools that can help some trans people feel more empowered in their day-to-day lives during what can be a challenging transition period. If you can’t find a class near you, check out this video! Sephora promises more LGBTQA-friendly makeup tutorials soon!