Taylor Swift Encourages Her Followers To Take Advantage of Early Voting

It’s not easy to get excited about the Midterm Elections on November 6. We know, we know, it’s an important civic duty. But it’s the midterm elections. That’s why we love that Taylor Swift has committed all out to this election. Her latest Instagram post encourages all of her followers to take advantage of early voting nationwide and in her home state of Tennessee.

Until this year, Taylor Swift has never endorsed a candidate. But there’s just something about 2018 that has persuaded Swift to speak out. She’s endorsed Democrats in her home state of Tennessee and encouraged all of her followers to get out and VOTE!

We’re going to be honest. It should come as no surprise that we’re not fans of Donald Trump. While this coming election is not a presidential year, it’s still a vital check to ur current president. Electing a Democratic congress would impede his efforts to undermine our rights, cut social services, and harm the most vulnerable members of our society: LGBTQ, women, children, and immigrants. Whether you live in Tennessee or not, check out early voting and make your voice heard this November.