25 Most Popular Free Apps

There are over a million apps available for download on Android phones’ Google Play App Store and on Apple’s devices App Store. All of the apps on these app stores are located in various categories such as Games, Productivity, Photography, Video, Health, and other categories.

There are some applications on our smartphones that can’t be deleted and that are very annoying such as the Stocks app on iPhones and iPads which even the stock brokers don’t use. These kinds of apps are called pre-installed software. However, a new user of any Apple phone or tablet or any new user of an Android phone is able to install tons of different useful apps. Some of the apps available for download even help some people find their soulmate. Some apps are useful and some aren’t, and as well some apps are very popular and have made their developers earn millions and some apps are pure failures. In this list we won’t deal with apps that are failures, but rather we’ll look at the most successful and popular free apps on the Google Play Store and on Apple’s App Store. Let’s have a look at the 25 Most Popular Apps which you might end up liking. Note that some of these apps are free for download but require a monthly subscription to be used.

#25 – The Weather Channel

This app is both available on the Google Play Store and on Apple’s App Store. The Weather Channel app is the official app of The Weather Channel and is one of the most downloaded weather apps of all time if not the most downloaded weather app.

This application allows you to see what the weather is going to be like in the next seven days, next fourteen days, and for longer periods of time. Many people who use The Weather Channel app claim that it is by far the most accurate weather application.

The advantages of this highly popular weather app are its simplicity, beautiful design, interactive weather charts, and weather alerts. The Weather Channel app allows you to see what the current weather is and what the weather is going to be like in almost every city and village in the world.

Written by Eva Chaudhary

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