Meghan Markle Gets a Multimillion-Dollar Royal Budget

As a member of the Royal Family under constant media scrutiny, Meghan Markle needs an impeccable sense of fashion that balances beauty and royal duty. Thankfully, the former actress has always had a stunning fashion sense. Now, anything she touches flies off the shelves as soon as the pictures appear on social media! But dressing like a princess does not come cheap. Thankfully, the Royal Palace has increased the budget allotted to Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle.

Livin’ like a princess. | Kensington Palace, London.

Before she tied the knot with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle reportedly had to spend almost $30,000 to maintain a suitable wardrobe; unlike when she was an actor, royals aren’t allowed to accept gifts like free clothing even when a designer wants to feature them in a new outfit. Now that’s she an official member of the family, she still can’t accept any free swag but she can access the royal budget for Kensington Palace.

Now that Meghan Markle’s joined the party, Queen Elizabeth has allocated a whopping $6.5 million for her grandchildren. That’s an increase of almost $2 million from last year and doesn’t even include travel, which is drawn from a separate fund.

The Palace has yet to comment on what is allocated for Meghan Markle specifically and how that’s impacted the new budget. To be clear, though, it’s not all royal outfits! Queen Elizabeth is now 92 and has started to slow down and take a little well-deserved rest. She’s handing off many of her royal responsibilities to the new generation of royals spearheaded by Will, Kate, Harry, and Meghan. They need a bigger budget as they take on more of the Queen’s duties, such as responsibility for the Queens’ Young Leaders.

You’ve got to dress, and act, the part to fill Queen Elizabeth’s impressive pastel suits! Still, what we wouldn’t give for a $6.5 million clothing budget…